Classroom-based Training

Classroom-based Training
Enhance your professional competency and get ahead in your career with ISCA. Our training programmes cover an extensive range of topics from accountancy to leadership and personal development, diving deep into equipping you with the in-demand skills you need to stay competitive and relevant.

Come down to ISCA today and sharpen your abilities with our industry experts, who bring their experience from the field to the classroom.

We would like to reassure our participants that we have taken additional safety measures for our classroom-based trainings. It is vital that you take personal responsibility for adherence to these measures to help ensure personal safety.

We will cap a minimal number of participants per classroom and seating arrangements are adhere to the 1 metre rule.
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Course CodeCourse TitleCPE hoursCourse Start DateCourse End Date
A134A Fundamental and Practical Approach to Selected FRSs145/10/20206/10/2020
A273Accounting under FRS 116 Leases and its related Tax Implications3.520/10/202020/10/2020
A911Financial Reporting Standards: 2020 Annual Update76/11/20206/11/2020
A246FRS 115 (IFRS 15) Revenue from Contracts with Customers and FRS 116 (IFRS 16) Leases710/11/202010/11/2020
A063FRS 28: Investment in Associates3.519/11/202019/11/2020
A207IFRS 16 / FRS 116: Leases (Live Webinar)720/11/202020/11/2020
A016Financial Reporting Standards: An Overview1424/11/202025/11/2020
A274Accounting under FRS 109 Financial Instruments and its related Tax Implications3.527/11/202027/11/2020
A911Financial Reporting Standards: 2020 Annual Update74/12/20204/12/2020
A080Hedge Accounting: A Practical Approach74/12/20204/12/2020
A089Consolidated Financial Statements: Preparation and Presentation in the Singapore Context147/12/20208/12/2020
A134A Fundamental and Practical Approach to Selected FRSs1415/12/202016/12/2020
A258Fair Value Accounting: Concerns and Challenges3.517/12/202017/12/2020
A192IFRS 15 / FRS 115: Revenue from Contracts with Customers - An Overview3.517/12/202017/12/2020
Audit & Assurance
PAW003Practical Audit Workshop – Supervisory and Review (PAW – SAR)305/10/202026/10/2020
ADT133Audit of Internal Control under SOX and PCAOB requirements76/10/20206/10/2020
ADT154Audit Communication: Effective Management Letters (Case Study Approach)3.58/10/20208/10/2020
ADT024Audit Sampling3.58/10/20208/10/2020
ADT172AFISCA AMSE Audit Focus - Audit of Revenue under FRS 1151421/10/202028/10/2020
ADT051Evaluation of Subsequent Events, Contingent Liabilities, and the Going Concern Assumption3.527/10/202027/10/2020
ADT033Auditors' Reliance on the Work of Other Parties3.530/10/202030/10/2020
ADT174Year End Technical Update for Auditors 202074/11/20204/11/2020
ADT138ISCA Audit Manual for Standalone Entities (AMSE): An Introduction to the Methodology75/11/20205/11/2020
ADT163Audit of Leases under the new FRS 116 Regime3.56/11/20206/11/2020
ADT162AFISCA Audit Manual for Group Entities (AMGE) for Reviewers: Practical Issues and Challenges79/11/20209/11/2020
ADT131Audit Quality Control, SSQC 1 for SMPs716/11/202016/11/2020
ADT170AFAMSE Audit Focus: Reviewer's perspective on Audit of Revenue under FRS 115 and Financial Instruments under FRS 109720/11/202020/11/2020
ADT171AFAMSE: Onboarding and Induction to Audit Environment in Singapore1423/11/202025/11/2020
ADT052Audit of Related Parties and Related Party Transactions3.523/11/202023/11/2020
ADT047Audit of Accounts Receivable and Other Receivables3.524/11/202024/11/2020
ADT145Audit Completion Procedures3.51/12/20201/12/2020
ADT040Audit of Cash and Cash Equivalents3.511/12/202011/12/2020
ADT039Auditors' Consideration of Client Internal Controls3.515/12/202015/12/2020
Banking & Finance
BF156Strategic Positioning To Attract Investment721/10/202021/10/2020
BF029ETreasury Markets and Products1412/11/202013/11/2020
BF007Financial Instruments: Understanding the Mechanics and Valuation Techniques717/11/202017/11/2020
BF162Financial Due Diligence for M&A Transactions73/12/20203/12/2020
Digital Programme
DGT016Blockchain, Cryptoassets and ICO Due Diligence1414/10/202015/10/2020
DGT018Cybersecurity Risk - What it means to Auditors3.519/10/202019/10/2020
DGT035Building Capabilities of Managing Personal Data Compliance726/10/202026/10/2020
DGT037Personal Data Compliance and Business Re-design for Auditors74/11/20204/11/2020
DGT040Applied Robotics Process Automation (RPA) for Auditors (Live Webinar)1412/11/202013/11/2020
DGT031Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Accountant713/11/202013/11/2020
DGT008Cyber Forensics and Cybersecurity for Decision Makers1418/11/202019/11/2020
DGT019Robotic Process Automation (RPA): Impact on Finance Professionals3.525/11/202025/11/2020
DGT034Personal Data Protection Audit & Compliance72/12/20202/12/2020
Ethics & Professionalism
E126Ethics & Professionalism: Case Studies For Accountants & Auditors714/10/202014/10/2020
E156Ethical Issues in Tax Compliance: A Deeper Dive into Tax Avoidance & Evasion Through Case Studies723/10/202023/10/2020
E155Forensic Investigation and Fraud Detection Techniques726/10/202026/10/2020
E115Winning through Ethics: The Art of War Strategy for Accountants141/12/20202/12/2020
E156Ethical Issues in Tax Compliance: A Deeper Dive into Tax Avoidance & Evasion Through Case Studies74/12/20204/12/2020
E082Ethical Issues in Risk Management and Internal Controls79/12/20209/12/2020
E155Forensic Investigation and Fraud Detection Techniques710/12/202010/12/2020
E104Auditing Ethics: Examining Clues, Solving Cases and Creating Action -- the Sherlock Holmes Way!3.510/12/202010/12/2020
E127Winning through Business Ethics: The Art of War Strategy723/12/202023/12/2020
E126Ethics & Professionalism: Case Studies For Accountants & Auditors728/12/202028/12/2020
Internal Controls & Governance
IA004Internal Audit Fundamentals - Planning & Design75/10/20205/10/2020
IA001Internal Auditing Fundamentals - Risk Assessment149/11/202010/11/2020
IA118Enterprise Risk Management for Internal Auditors and Management Executives714/12/202014/12/2020
IA135Integrated Auditing for the Public Sector: What Works & What Doesn’t? 718/12/202018/12/2020
Legal & Secretarial
LS033Amendments to the Singapore Companies Act3.510/11/202010/11/2020
LS004A Practical Guide to Corporate Secretarial Practice722/12/202022/12/2020
Leadership & Personal Development
MP094EBuzan Speed Reading723/10/202023/10/2020
MP096EBuzan Sharpen your Memory76/11/20206/11/2020
MP105Fundamental Art of War Thinking for Auditors & Accountants717/11/202017/11/2020
MP028EQ Skills for Success @ Work720/11/202020/11/2020
MP153Forensic Review of Financial Statements – A Non-Accounting Perspective727/11/202027/11/2020
BM009Business Mandarin: Application of Chinese Accounting Vocabulary730/11/202030/11/2020
MP097EEffective Brain Smart Skills For Workplace Productivity143/12/20204/12/2020
MP121The Art of Coaching, Mentoring and Managing staff - for Finance professionals714/12/202014/12/2020
TAX132Tax Avoidance and Tax Evasion: Practical Advice, Best Practice Strategies and Learning from Case Studies712/10/202012/10/2020
TAX054Corporate Tax Planning : Minimizing Tax Costs Through Tax Efficient Structuring716/10/202016/10/2020
TAX252Income Tax Treatment Arising from Adoption of FRS 116 Leases3.528/10/202028/10/2020
TAX255GST on Reverse Charge3.523/11/202023/11/2020
TAX056GST: Self Managing GST Risks through ASK3.57/12/20207/12/2020
TAX055GST: Getting Started with ACAP in Preventing GST Pitfalls3.57/12/20207/12/2020
TAX160ETSingapore's Tax Incentive Regime714/12/202014/12/2020
TAX027Property Tax: Determining the “Right” amount Accountants should Pay3.516/12/202016/12/2020
SSG Funded Programmes
WD004WSQ Assist in the Development of a Business Plan162/11/20203/11/2020
WD010Apply Knowledge of Accounting-Related Concepts244/11/20206/11/2020
WD003WSQ Fundamentals of the Personal Data Protection Act (Live Webinar)169/11/202010/11/2020
WD005WSQ Lead Workplace Communication and Engagement1611/11/202012/11/2020
WD011WSQ Review and Implement Financial Controls1612/11/202013/11/2020
WD008WSQ Develop and Establish Financial Budget and Plans1623/11/202024/11/2020
WD006WSQ Solve Problems and Make Decisions at Managerial Level163/12/20204/12/2020
WD003WSQ Fundamentals of the Personal Data Protection Act (Live Webinar)168/12/20209/12/2020
WD001WSQ Display Critical Thinking and Analytical Skills1610/12/202011/12/2020
WD009WSQ Evaluate and Interpret Financial Reports (Live Webinar)1617/12/202018/12/2020
WD002WSQ Apply Basic Negotiation Skills and Techniques821/12/202021/12/2020