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Action Course Code Course Title Competency Category CPE Hours Trainer Schedule
MP105  Fundamental Art of War Thinking for Auditors & Accountants
Others  7.0  Prof. Dr Foo Check Teck  22 Dec 2017  
MP124  Practical Strategic Planning for Financial Directors and Managers
Others  7.0  Tay Guan Mong  20 Dec 2017  
MP114  Developing and writing effective Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
SDF Funding, SkillsFuture Credit
Others  7.0  Grace Tan  13 Dec 2017  
RM127  An Overview of Business Continuity Management (BCM) Implementation
Others  7.0  Tan Jenny  01 Dec 2017  
MP125  Effective management of organisations using strategic indicators
Others  7.0  Adrien Chia  29 Nov 2017  
MP117  Forensic Investigation and Fraud Detection Techniques
Others  7.0  Jeffery Ang and/or Asrin  03 Oct 2017  
MP056  A Practical Guide to Due Diligence Testing
Others  3.5  Pang Eng Khew  14 Sep 2017  
LS027  A Practical Approach to Drafting and Vetting Service Level Agreement
Others  7.0  David Shanmugam  24 Aug 2017  
INT0362  Workplace Bullying (E-Learning)
Others  1.5  Online Instruction  07 Jul 2021
31 Dec 2021