Corporate Package - 140 CPE Hours

The corporate package is exclusive for corporate account users who has signed up an account with ISCA and is open to all CPE courses except the following: -

  • Promotional package  
  • Dinner Talk
  • Funded courses
  • External collaboration (with suffix E / ET), e-learning with prefix CIM / BPP and INT
  • Certification programmes such as:
    1. Business Analytics and Reporting
    2. Business Analytics and Reporting (BAR+)
    3. Practical Accounting Essentials
    4. PAW- Audit Working Paper 1 & 2
    5. PAW- Supervisory and Review (PAW - SAR)
    6. Professional Risk Management Programme
    7. Accountancy Future Leaders Programme

Please refer to for the Terms and Conditions applicable to all CPE courses.